Helping you through the family law process one unbundled service at a time.

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⚖ Legal Opinions

  • educating you on the legal tests you have to meet to achieve a specific result
  • allowing you to set reasonable and realistic expectations

⚖ Legal Research

  • determining how the courts have dealt with similar circumstances or issues in the past
  • determining how courts have applied a legal test

⚖ Strategy & Navigation

  • providing you with an explanation of various steps in the process
  • helping you create a road map to best achieve the result you want

⚖ Legal Writing (Drafting)

  • ensuring you include the necessary information at the right time in the right format
  • drafting services include: Applications, Answers, Notices of Motion, Affidavits, Factums, Motions to Change, Case Conference Briefs, Settlement Conference Briefs, Trial Management Conference Briefs, Offers to Settle, Cost Submissions

⚖ Financial Statement Preparation

  • explaining how to complete each section of the form
  • preparing the form with statements and records as provided

⚖ Disclosure Organization

  • keeping track of large amounts of disclosure produced and/or received
  • preparing disclosure briefs as required

⚖ Document Review

  • editing documents you have drafted for clarity
  • providing advice on information to be added/removed/revised