The family law process involves a series of steps.  

You may need some assistance as you make your way through the system. 


⚖ How are unbundled legal services different from full representation by a lawyer?

Full representation by a lawyer means that the lawyer manages the entire process, based on your instructions. With full representation, the lawyer will write letters on your behalf, prepare documents on your behalf, negotiate on your behalf, and attend court on your behalf.

Unbundled legal services means a lawyer assists you with only some of the steps in the process. You can decide which piece(s) you most need assistance with and retain a lawyer on a limited scope basis for that purpose(s).

⚖ Why would I want unbundled family law services?

For financial reasons, full representation is simply not an option for many people.

Some people prefer to represent themselves. While the internet is filled with information about the family law process and the issues you might be dealing with, it can be challenging to figure out how and where your unique set of circumstances fits in. You may not appreciate the legal tests you have to meet. The forms you have to complete can be confusing and time-consuming. You may simply not understand what is required any given stage. You may not appreciate what a judge will do when she hears your case.

Proceeding with no legal assistance at all almost always causes stress, delay, and additional costs.


The Unbundled Solution

The unbundling of legal services is the best solution for those situations where legal assistance is required but full representation is not possible.  

By breaking down the process into various steps, we can provide you with assistance when and where you most need it. Knowing the legal test(s) to be met, providing the necessary evidence in the appropriate format, and writing in a clear, succinct and persuasive manner can make your case. 

The benefits of unbundling include:

  • maintaining control of the costs
  • gaining confidence in your ability to understand and navigate your own circumstances
  • reducing stress
  • having the comfort of being properly prepared