Hello, I'm Lisa Eisen.

I am the founder of Family Law: A La Carte.

My Legal Experience

I have represented clients at every stage of the family law process - from providing advice to people only contemplating separation to arguing appeals of trial decisions - and everything in between. I have drafted agreements (cohabitation, marriage, and separation) and every possible kind of court document (affidavits, facta, case/settlement/trial management conference briefs, and appeal material).

I have written content for family law legal websites.  I co-authored a chapter on family law in Ontario for the European Lawyer Reference, Second edition 2013 and various articles for Continuing Professional Development programs.

I have prepared countless financial statements and tracked huge amounts of disclosure.  I have scoured bank statements, credit card statements, and corporate financial statements.  

I have negotiated, mediated, and litigated. 


My Coaching Experience

In 2011, I thought I was done with practicing law. I began a coaching certification with the Adler Professional Coaching. During that process, the lightbulb went on for me and I realized there was a way for me to bring coaching principles to the practice of family law.

I became certified as an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation in 2015.

My ‘Unique Experience’

After my call to the Bar, I spent a few years in the business/legal world teaching people how to negotiate and mediate. I gained valuable experience working with adults as they learned new skills.  I came to appreciate the importance in watching people respond differently to similar circumstances.  What I mean is that even though the participants in the workshops I facilitated were all exposed to the same information at the same time, each had a unique experience.  The concept of having a ‘unique experience’ in the midst of a shared process stayed with me.

I witness the same ‘unique experience’ each time I meet with a client.  Even though family law clients all go through (essentially) the same process, each has a ‘unique experience’.  Each client has his/her own story.  Each has his/her own values, strengths, and challenges. 

My Values & Strengths

Authenticity, connection, fairness. Those are my core values.

Communication and organization are two of my innate strengths. I love to write. I love to take complex ideas and simplify them. I love details. I use my strengths to empower others.



Member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario

Diverse professional development certificates and courses

2015 - ACC from International Coaching Federation

1995 - Call to the Ontario Bar

1993 - LL.B. from Osgoode Hall Law School

1990 - Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from York University