Legal Coaching

Coaching you so that you can represent yourself.

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■ Court Coaching

  • legal advice about what claims you can make
  • legal advice about how to respond to claims made by the other person
  • how to negotiate with the other person or their lawyer
  • what each court appearance is for and what you can achieve
  • how to properly prepare court documents needed for each kind of appearance (steps in the process)
  • what to expect when you get to court
  • what to do after each court appearance
  • what the next step is
  • how to present in court - depending on the type of appearance
  • understanding the importance of offers to settle including how to make an offer to settle and when to accept an offer to settle

■ Mediation Coaching

  • legal advice before and during the process
  • what the process is and isn't
  • strategy
  • how to make a mediation plan
  • negotiation skills
  • how to prepare the necessary documents

■ Negotiation Coaching

  • legal advice
  • how to negotiate with the other person or their lawyer
  • strategy
  • negotiation skills
  • how to make a negotiation plan
  • how to keep the matter from going to court
  • how to continue to negotiate while the court process is ongoing